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Cemdag does give big importance to measurement activities  due to the high professional approach and R&D based production principle. There are 3 different laboratories under Cemdag  R&D structure executing the mechanical, photometric, electrical performance and safety tests of luminaires.

R&D laboratory equipped with modern, standardized and last technology devices with regard to accuracy and sensibility of measurements.

Experienced specialists, well familiar with the international standards are in charge at the laboratory, not only for product quality control, but also to lead the design and development after evaluating the measurement results.

The authorized specialists at R&D laboratory, study the components and products  under the following principles;

  • High electrical, photometric, mechanical performance and safety
  • Energy saving thanks to correct and efficient lighting
  • Longer system life with less break-down rate
  • Customer oriented and application purposed design
  • Continuously enhancement by following the technologic improvements
  • Compatibility to Quality Standards
  • Compatibility to human and environment
  • Comfort and aesthetic