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Spot welding for indoor products and 6-axis welding robots for sustainable quality of IP protection.

The use of robotic technology allows for precise and quick results, less waste, and greater safety. The robots are capable of reaching otherwise inaccessible locations and can perform complicated and precise weld lines and welds more quickly than in manual welding. This frees time for manufacturing and allows for more flexibility.

 Welding robots with integrated torch cable system. Arc sensors detect deviation of welding current.

Cem brand products contain many plastic parts and have housings produced in own facilities with the latest technology and raw  materials considering endurance, mechanical impact and electrical resistance.

Total capacity of 5350 tons.

13 machines starting from 130 tons up to 850 tons

All machines have integration of six-axis robots to secure process time and production quality.

Cemdag use high quality materials like PC, PMMA, PBT, PP, ABS, PA from the proven manufacturers.



A full production unit for sheet metal housings and reflector production.

Punching /Bending /Shearing

Eccentric press capacity 720 tons

Hydraulic press capacity 1388 tons

Lamination press capacity 185 tons

Pneumatic press  machines  and asymmetrical plate roller machines.

Length of 120 meters.

Fully automated spray guns in painting stage.

4 stages unit; preparation, drying, painting, burning.

Products are passing through a furnace at a temperature of about 280’C in burning stage.

De-ionizing technology: no hazardous chemicals used in the preparation stage. Green technology.

Bonderite formulation system in the pre-treatment process.

Anti-microbial paintings for hygiene products.

Salt spray test-corrosion test in artificial atmospheres is 1000 hours (EN 9227) but we can produce in accordance with 2500 hours of test as an option for your projects. 

Cemdag has 2 vacuum metallization unit, which can be used on glass, plastic and metal parts, especially to optimize the reflector and lens qualities to achieve better light distribution.


5 machines starting from 420 tons up to 1250 tons with a total capacity of 3650 tones.

Full automated and robot integrated machines with auto ladler, auto extractor and auto sprayer to ensure  process quality and endurance of the die-cast parts.

By the help of this technology products have extended life time and higher IK rating compared to other housing raw materials.



3 units for dynamic sealing, casting and bonding with robots.

Usage of silicon or polyurethane raw materials on the base of application of the luminaire for indoor or outdoor.



3 shot-blasting units for die-cast parts to have a better surface and preparation before powder painting unit.



Cemdağ Lighting, which has the capacity to produce its own semi-finished products in Çiğli and Aliağa production facilities; In the assembly section of Çiğli Production Facility, it brings together all the materials and parts of the fixtures and makes them ready for shipment by passing the necessary quality-control tests (burning test, power and current tests).

  • 4 fully automatic assembly conveyor systems with a total length of 180 meters with adjustable process time and movement speed,
  • 2 manual assembly conveyor systems with a total length of 70 meters,
  • 1 piece 25 meters long movable assembly conveyor system with adjustable speed,
  • There are 5 movable assembly conveyor systems with a total length of 90 meters.The high technology production assembly lines we use provide speed in mass production as well as the opportunity to respond to our customers’ requests instantly.

Production at every step of assembly is controlled by our production and quality engineers.



Thanks to our long years of experience in product development and production, we produce in accordance with international standards (ENEC) in order to increase the light level and quality in led lighting fixtures. In addition, the inspection test device at the end of the smd line allows production to be made with zero errors without human touch.We guarantee that our Cem Brand led modules, which we produce in our smd production lines, will provide high efficiency and balanced light distribution, as well as maintenance and repair savings.

In order to respond quickly to the demands of our customers and to offer quality products, all our departments serve the lighting excellence from start to finish.